Copper Hangers On Fire

I have an amazing friend that is a true entrepreneur and he came up with this amazing idea.  I at first though he was totally nuts when he told me about the idea but I smiled and encouraged him.  I really should have invested with him in his idea but I didn’t.  Oh well.

I’m sure I have you on the edge of your seat but the idea was to sell copper clothes hangers

Who would have though hangers are a hot commodity.  But if you sit down and think about it everybody has hangers at their house, condo or apartment.  And if you really think about it even most stores have hangers to display their clothes.

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An Amazing Roofing Contractor

House with Roof Lines
House with Roof Lines

I was living in Salem Oregon for a while and I had an amazing experience with a contractor their that really motivated me to get to work because I like most people ten to get sidetracked a lot and end up doing nothing.

So I needed a new roof on my house so I went to trusty Google and found the best roofing contractors salem Oregon and let me tell you, they had an amazing story once I got to meet them.

They seemed to be just some of your basic guys wanting to have their own business and that was how they started out.  Just basic and barely making it.  So they realized they had to start thinking outside the box in order to get some more customers through their door.

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SEO For Beginners

As I have said earlier I was a struggling entrepreneur.  I went down many roadblocks and discover many ways that worked with lots of hard work and kill.  One of the ways I was able to get some early success was through SEO which stands for search engine optimization.  I first started out using it on my own websites.

I sort of became a legend and my company was Portland SEO.  That was the name of my company but of course once I gained some success and started to create a name someone came out from the wood work and claimed they filed for that name way before me and believe it or not they were right and they legally had claimed that name.  So I just put the word “Now” at the end of my name and filed it correctly and basically had to kind of start over creating a brand and name for myself while my competition was able to reap the rewards for a short time on my old brand name.  What I mean by short time was that they got business but of course they were not able to fulfill like I was able to so they eventually went away while my new brand and business soared again.

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Go Get It

Im Baaaack.

So many people now days are making the most ridiculous excuses.

Some of the excuses are legit and some are not but it really does not matter.  Excuses are suck.

If you want something bad enough so go out and get it.  Plain and simple.  You just have to have mindset that nothing and nobody is gong to meet you halfway.  You have to just go out and get it.  Plain and simple.  Just go and get it.

Here is an amazing video I saw that pretty much explains what i am talking about.

It is on face book so you probably will have to copy and past it.  But DO IT.

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