Who Is John?

So who the heck is John?

I am John and I am a 34 year philosophizer, well at least in my own mind I am.

I am an entrepreneur that is trying to make it big on the internet.  Me along with other million people or so but I am different because I actually know what I am doing.

I am a hard working male that got brought up on the philosophy that hard work will get you where you want to go someday.  Well I discovered that is partly true.  I found that working hard for someone else gets you only so far.  If you are in a corporation hard work can get you fired because a lot of advancement is very large corporation is all about positioning and politics.

I wanted out of all that garbage or I should say I want out of all the garbage and make it big here.

I graduated from high school and then proceeded to make it part way through college.  I got a great opportunity at an amazing job so I decided to quit college and take that job.

Big mistake but oh well because I believe everything happens for a reason.  You could say I am an optimist.

Now the name a-ludwig.  What’s that all about?

That is the name of my LLC.  I used it because its really close to my last name without revealing what my last name is.  I don’t want people stalking me.


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