Copper Hangers On Fire

I have an amazing friend that is a true entrepreneur and he came up with this amazing idea.  I at first though he was totally nuts when he told me about the idea but I smiled and encouraged him.  I really should have invested with him in his idea but I didn’t.  Oh well.

I’m sure I have you on the edge of your seat but the idea was to sell copper clothes hangers

Who would have though hangers are a hot commodity.  But if you sit down and think about it everybody has hangers at their house, condo or apartment.  And if you really think about it even most stores have hangers to display their clothes.

Hangers are everywhere and their are a lot of really crappy ugly hangers out their.  I totally missed it but I think a revolution is coming.  Hangers are going to start being a fashion revolution.  Yes I know it sounds ridiculous and crazy but fashion is coming to the closet and the clothes rack.

My friend sells hangers on a website and he is killing it online.  Who would have thought.  Just look at Targets line and they have a ton of them on their website.  People are buying them all the time and their is real opportunity and my friend nailed it at the right time.

So I started to think.  What else is out their that people buy everyday that their could be some kind of niche I could dominate.  I’ll be honest with you that I am still thinking about what that opportunity could be because I am kicking myself for missing the opportunity my friend put in front of me.

So if you have an opportunity please feel free to shout out to me.  I might be too much of a wimp to go after it with you but still let me know about it because I am interested.

Every time I see a hanger I just look at them and a million ideas go through my head.  I think about buttons or door knobs or something ridiculous.  I think you get my point here.  Their is a million different  opportunities out their but the one main thing that will get you success is for you to go after.  To take action and just do it.  Having an action plan and or a business plan is very important but the main thing is to just take action if you really see an opportunity.  Just go for it.

Now  I know people will have lots of doubts and fears and that is normal.  But if you really do some good research and look you will find something.  The fashion and clothes industry is huge.  Look at Nike for example.  Bill Bowman and Phil Knight saw an opportunity in the running shoe niche.  They saw that the shoe companies were not creating the best possible running shoes out their so they created one.  They started out specialized on running shoes and look where they are now.  But whats most important is that they took action.  They created the shoe and then they built a business around it.

Im sure they thought the shoe market was saturated at the time but it really was not because their company is huge now.  And me saying huge is an understatement if you know what I mean.

You just have to keep your eyes and ears open and see what is missing and then take action.  Not blind dumb action but smart strategic action that has the potential to take you somewhere.  The name of the game is action and you should take it.

So in conclusion find that ray of hope and go for.   Think simple because the answer and solution usually is very simple.  We tend to overcomplicate stuff.  Just go for it.


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