An Amazing Roofing Contractor

House with Roof Lines
House with Roof Lines

I was living in Salem Oregon for a while and I had an amazing experience with a contractor their that really motivated me to get to work because I like most people ten to get sidetracked a lot and end up doing nothing.

So I needed a new roof on my house so I went to trusty Google and found the best roofing contractors salem Oregon and let me tell you, they had an amazing story once I got to meet them.

They seemed to be just some of your basic guys wanting to have their own business and that was how they started out.  Just basic and barely making it.  So they realized they had to start thinking outside the box in order to get some more customers through their door.

So they did what most people do and that is get a website and advertise the website because the one thing that they did know was the term if you build it they will come is not true when it comes to website and for most anything.  So they had to figure out what to do.

They went to one of their suppliers Certainteed and they gave them some amazing ideas but most of the ideas were way to far out for them to do because they were roofers and did not want to become marketing gurus which I don’t blame them.

So they did what most people do and hire someone to do their online marketing for them.  Now this was scary for them because their are a lot of people out their online you should not trust and it really scared them.  So they did not act immediately and they kept their ears and eyes open for someone they could trust.  They really wanted someone that was local so they could meet them face to face and then make the judgement if they could trust them because they did not want some so called hot shot that was on the other side of the country and could care less about them or their community.

They attended a lot of networking meetings and were very active in the chamber of commerce and they would see people come and go but one day when they were making their announcements they heard one guy say he was a consultant for companies in internet marketing.  So they got the guys card and researched him and then they set up a meeting.

They were really impressed with the guy but his prices were high.  And they realized that you usually get what you pay for but this contractor made a deal that if they could find 3 other people that needs his services and pays full price then he would do it for free for them.

They went out and found 3 people for him right away and then they got everything for free.

It was slow going at first to get the website and then to get it found on the internet but that is what they were told would happen.  It is a waiting game and then a testing game.  But eventually they got to where they needed to be online and then the calls just kept coming in one right after another.

Eventually they got to a point where they had more business than they knew what to do with and so they at first sold some of their leads but very quickly they expanded and added on more crews.  They are now the biggest and baddest roofing company in Salem.

I guess the point of the story is to never give up and if you harness the power of the internet you can make any company expand like crazy.

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