SEO For Beginners

As I have said earlier I was a struggling entrepreneur.  I went down many roadblocks and discover many ways that worked with lots of hard work and kill.  One of the ways I was able to get some early success was through SEO which stands for search engine optimization.  I first started out using it on my own websites.

I sort of became a legend and my company was Portland SEO.  That was the name of my company but of course once I gained some success and started to create a name someone came out from the wood work and claimed they filed for that name way before me and believe it or not they were right and they legally had claimed that name.  So I just put the word “Now” at the end of my name and filed it correctly and basically had to kind of start over creating a brand and name for myself while my competition was able to reap the rewards for a short time on my old brand name.  What I mean by short time was that they got business but of course they were not able to fulfill like I was able to so they eventually went away while my new brand and business soared again.

The lesson I learned was to always do your due diligence before you do anything.  In my case I should have researched to see of their was any other businesses with that same name in my area.  I did not do the research and I got burnet.  In the long run it ended up working out just fine but I did go through a lot of heart ache and sleepless nights for nothing.  I could have avoided it all if I just was not so lazy in the beginning.

Back to about SEO.  I learned how powerful it can be.  And I titled this article for beginners because in reality any beginner can do it because the fundamentals are easy and straight forward.  Pretty much do what the search engines want you to do and do it really well.  Actually you just need to do it better than the person you are trying to outrank and if you can do that then you will have tremendous success.  And when I mean success I mean you will make a lot of money.

I could get all technical and say and tell you what you need to look for and do but in the end that type of stuff changes monthly so all you have to do is what they want you to do ad then you are golden.  I have seen people that will outrank me for a while but the always eventually go away because they were doing something that was not allowed such as have machines and programs crate links for them. My one word of advice is to always rely on your own skills and not some machine and you will always be good.

Search on the major search engines can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  the core concept remains is you have to do it right and be very consistent with it.  But what is most important is you have to keep testing and learning.  You may think you are the best in the world at it but their is always going to be someone better at it so why not be humble and always try and learn from the legitimate people out their.

Now who is legit and who is not is kind of by trial and error.  Message me and I will be able to get you started in the right direction.  The only thing is that their really is no college or school that teaches it s you are going to have to go out and find the information for yourself and probably have to pay for anything that is good.  If it is free it’s probably not any good.  I am not trying to sell you anything but I have learned that anything that is free is usually useless or someone is trying to upset you.

All yo have to do is align yourself with the right people and be consistent and it will be easy.

Now selling it is going to have to be a different post.

Till next time.


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