SEO For Beginners

As I have said earlier I was a struggling entrepreneur.  I went down many roadblocks and discover many ways that worked with lots of hard work and kill.  One of the ways I was able to get some early success was through SEO which stands for search engine optimization.  I first started out using it on my own websites.

I sort of became a legend and my company was Portland SEO.  That was the name of my company but of course once I gained some success and started to create a name someone came out from the wood work and claimed they filed for that name way before me and believe it or not they were right and they legally had claimed that name.  So I just put the word “Now” at the end of my name and filed it correctly and basically had to kind of start over creating a brand and name for myself while my competition was able to reap the rewards for a short time on my old brand name.  What I mean by short time was that they got business but of course they were not able to fulfill like I was able to so they eventually went away while my new brand and business soared again.

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