Go Get It

Im Baaaack.

So many people now days are making the most ridiculous excuses.

Some of the excuses are legit and some are not but it really does not matter.  Excuses are suck.

If you want something bad enough so go out and get it.  Plain and simple.  You just have to have mindset that nothing and nobody is gong to meet you halfway.  You have to just go out and get it.  Plain and simple.  Just go and get it.

Here is an amazing video I saw that pretty much explains what i am talking about.


It is on face book so you probably will have to copy and past it.  But DO IT.

So many times we are afraid of being this or being that or of what people will think of me.  But we have to put all of that aside and just go for what we want.

Lets face it the majority of the most successful and rich people in the world came from nothing.  They did not have much but they figured out how to get it done no matter what.  Yes you do have the people that were born with a silver spoon but people are not writing books about them.  You may see them in tabloids but that is about it.  People that make it happen on their own get books and movies written about them.

You may be viewed as arrogant or an idiot but if you are moving forward and striving towards your goal then screw them. Especially if you are making a positive impact on many peoples lives then go for it!!!!

Some days I think I should be a motivational writer but I realize that most of the advice I give is from books and movies I have read.  Go figure.

Some of the movies I quoted from were:

  • The Pursuit Of Happyness
  • Over The Top

As you can see the movies I quoted are amazing movies.  Yes I don’t care what you say but Over The Top is an amazing movie.  It’s all about arm wrestling and belief in yourself.  What an awesome combination.  Plus Sylvester Stallone is amazing in the movie.  Arm wrestling was never the same after that movie.

But I wan everyone including me to stop wining and just get out there and go get it.  I mean it lets go now and get it.  Watch the Facebook video I posted a couple of times everyday.  It will motivate you.

I personally get sick of the Michael Jordan and other famous people stories so that is why I posted the one above because its from a real guy actually in the trenches doing the real deal.  Not some half or partly true story.

Post below what you are going to do to stop your whining.  Ha I dare you.

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