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successHey there how the heck are you anyways.

A-ludwig here and I am writing here to let you know what this blog is going to be all about.  Since yo are going to know me on a personal level here you can feel free to call me John.

Read my about me page to learn a little bit about me before proceeding because that will fill in many gaps you may have.

As you learned on my about me page I am an entrepreneur and am loving it right now.

I wasn’t always loving it though.  It has been a tough road.

  • Hope was lost along the way
  • Money ran thin and ran out
  • I had to learn way too much on stuff that I had no idea or desire to learn
  • Self doubt ran ran my life for a while

Yes I was plagued with a lot of stuff along my journey but I kept on moving forward.

You could say I failed forward and I kept moving on.

I was terrified of sales and calling but I put it in my head that I was going to go for a no.  So there was no pressure on me to make a call and make a sale.  Guess what I eventually got some people to say yes.  But I never would have gotten those yeses if I never made the calls.

Once I got those yeses I then went for yeses on all my calls and I started to make a lot of sales.  Very few people start out as amazing sales people.  You just have to learn along the way.

It always bothered me how sales trainers would always tell you to never accept no for an answer.

I agree with that but that comes down the road after you have made a lot of sales and your confidence is sky high.  No’s are okay when you are starting out.  Just get over them and move on.  Never stop moving on.

You just have to be ready mentally when the right opportunity comes along and be ready to go beast mode and tear it up.

Remember to just have faith in yourself.  Remember no matter what ever other people say you do have potential and you can do what ever you want.

Yes you can do. Find whats right for you and go for it all out.

Go for it!!!!!

Oh yeah welcome to A Ludwig


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